Kimberley and Sebastian Calland

Kimberley and Sebastian Calland married at The Kymin, in March 2013

Kimberley and Sebastian Calland were married at The Kymin, Monmouthshire, in March 2013.

We’ve lived in Monmouth all our lives and often visit The Kymin. We were delighted when we found out we could get married in the Georgian Round House, perched on a hill overlooking Monmouth.

We brought our wedding date forward to March when Kimberley found out she was pregnant. It turned out perfectly, as the ground was carpeted with daffodils, and she carried a daffodil bouquet.

Our wedding was unusual as we had a steampunk theme. The men grew moustaches especially.

The day after Kimberley’s due date we went for a picnic on the green, where she started her contractions – so we nearly had a Kymin baby.

Now we visit with our son, Theo, who’s three this summer.

Bride from side view in Georgian house with portrait on wall


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