Mansfield Centre

Family looking over the lake with the eighteenth century classical bridge in the background in the gardens at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

The Mansfield Centre asks: as a member or a volunteer, are you taking full advantage of your support for the National Trust?

What we do

New members are always welcome here, so come along to our next meeting and try your local association out. 
We have regular monthly meetings in the St John's Centre, St John Street, Mansfield, where we enjoy a series of talks on a variety of heritage subjects ranging from pestilences, intrigues and murder, to local places such as Creswell Crags, Chesterfield Crooked Spire and Clumber Park.
Days out are organised or why not join our annual holiday and enjoy the company of a friendly group of like minded people.
We also plan to organise other events throughout the year including a dinner and a party. We may even have a fungi forage at Clumber.
Membership of our group gives you many opportunities to socialise and make new friends. You'll wonder why you didn't join us years ago.
Get in touch

For more information and to join the Mansfield Centre, please contact Mrs Valerie Wood on 01623 406429.