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Volunteer with visitors in the kitchen garden at Osterley Park and House, London
Volunteer Roy working in a wall in Langdale

Roy Isherwood: Holding back the years in Langdale 

Roy Isherwood volunteers in Langdale helping our Rangers with practical conservation tasks. This year, on 1 March, Roy turned 86. Find out why he thinks volunteering is keeping him young at heart.


Join the team at Oxburgh Hall

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

Oxburgh is a very special place. Have you ever considered making Oxburgh more than a visit? Whatever your skills and interests, there are plenty of ways you can get involved!


Volunteers Week

Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House, County Londonderry

Volunteering with the National Trust on the North Coast is an exciting and sociable way to try new things, get outdoors and lend a hand to a great cause.


Meet Quebec House volunteer, Alison

Quebec House, Kent

After retiring, Alison was looking for a new volunteering opportunity that would suit her. Find out why she decided to become a Conservation Volunteer at Quebec House in her own words here.


Katie Pitman

Clandon Park, Surrey

Katie has been volunteering at Clandon Park since summer 2018. Flexible volunteering hours have made it possible for her to give her time whenever she wants, enabling her to meet new people, get to know the area and learn more about a place she’s grown to love.


Helping in Knole's garden

Knole, Kent

Garden guides enjoy helping visitors find their way around the garden and explaining what there is to see within the walls.


Volunteer at Lodge Park and Sheborne Park Estate

Lodge Park and Sherborne Park Estate, Gloucestershire

Our dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly to keep Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate at it's best all year round.


Volunteer at Greyfriars

Greyfriars' House and Garden, Worcestershire

Discover exciting volunteer opportunities and find out how you can help us look after Greyfriars.


A day in the life of Sue

Bradley, Devon

Sue, a room guide volunteer, started in April 2016 after she moved to the area. She shares why she began volunteering and what it is like for her.


A day in the life of Bob

Compton Castle, Devon

A great team of volunteers help to keep Compton Castle ticking like clockwork. Volunteer gardener Bob gives us an insight into the well-oiled machine, and shares what he enjoys the most.


Meet Jill

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

One of our volunteers, Jill talks about how she brings her skills to Sutton Hoo.


Meet Tony at the Ministry of Information

Upton House and Gardens, Warwickshire

Tony loves introducing the Banking for Victory story at Upton


Volunteer Stories: Ruth Yap

Penrhyn Castle and Garden, Gwynedd

"I decided that I wanted a career change, I wanted to work outdoors and so I needed to gain experience. This was how I discovered volunteering and I thought, “Why didn’t I do this before!”


Volunteer Stories: Gareth Owen

Penrhyn Castle and Garden, Gwynedd

"It's good to know that the National Trust – and Penrhyn – is open to everyone volunteering here. That’s especially true for me. It’s good to have the option for anyone to come and volunteer."


Volunteer Stories: Valmai

Penrhyn Castle and Garden, Gwynedd

"It’s something so completely different from anything you might have done before but you have to try it to see. You just might be surprised as to how much you get into it. "


‘You could do that!’ she said.

Lavenham Guildhall, Suffolk

David has a very personal story about what brought him to volunteering with us at the Guildhall.


Meet Louise and Peter

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

Meet Louise and Peter, who volunteer together at Sutton Hoo on why they decided to join the team.


A day in the life of Judith

Coleton Fishacre, Devon

Judith Mills began volunteering through her interest in Gilbert and Sullivan. She tells us all about her experiences as a room guide, sharing her passion for the operettas and the family behind the Gilbert and Sullivan Company.


A matter of family

Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire

Find out how Nick Hall helps visitors become part of the story.