Memories of Brean Down

Apparently, it turns out that more than half of us Brits have a shell or a stone at home, which we keep as a reminder of a special day spent on the coast.

by Simon Larkins, North Somerset Manager
My early memories are full of the happy times spent with my parents, brother, sister and dog at Brean Down on the Bristol Channel coast.

Endless entertainment

Talking to her now, my mum tells me that we didn’t have much money back then so our days out were all about fresh air and exercise and enjoying the great outdoors – cheap, healthy and fun. We could always find something to do at Brean, whatever the time of year. We loved looking for things that had been washed up on the beach, we’d play games – football and cricket mostly, fly kites, go surfing or fishing, and of course build endless sandcastles.
There are so many different activities you can do at the beach
A man and young girl flying a kite on the beach
There are so many different activities you can do at the beach


Lasting memories

I remember a sense of wide open space and big skies, and the ever-changing weather through the seasons. Wherever I am now, I only have to think about the coast and I can remember the sound of waves breaking on the beach at Brean, the smell of sun cream, the taste of ice cream and the feel of the sand between my toes.

Caring for a special site

I’m now lucky enough to be the Trust’s General Manager for North Somerset, and so Brean is one of the sites that the team and I care for. We never forget that we’re looking after this special place for everyone – for all the fun of playing on a huge beach, for the space to breathe and walk on the headland and watch wildlife and drink in the big views – and keeping it special means that future generations will be able to create their own precious family memories here, as I did.
We want the coast to be enjoyed by people, so we’ll help them to do just that.