Move for trees

Nature needs our help, so start warming up and move for trees this autumn. Challenge yourself to complete 50km of activity during October, and raise money to help plant more trees.

We all need trees. Being among them improves our mental and physical health, and they're one of the best defences we have against climate change. Take up the Move for trees challenge this autumn and help leave future generations a home that's more green (and red, gold and orange). 

We'd love for you to help plant at least 20 trees by raising £100, but every £5 you raise or donate will bring us one tree closer to a greener future. However you choose to cover the distance, and whether it takes you a day, a week or the full month, your support will make a world of difference. 

How to fundraise and get involved

  1. Choose your challenge: Commit to completing 50km (31 miles) of activity over October and help raise money to plant trees. You can cover the distance, on a route accessible to you, any way you like; by walking, running, cycling, using your mobility equipment, swimming, climbing - whichever way suits you. 
  2. Get involved: Join in the Move for trees challenge either by signing up and tracking your progress on Strava, setting up a fundraising page with JustGiving or downloading our fundraising form. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you, and make sure you post about your progress using #MoveForTrees to keep them up to date. Plus, if you choose not to take part in the challenge this time, you can still make a one-off donation through JustGiving. 
  3. Go the distance: All that’s left now is to lace up your boots, pump up your tyres, shake out those arms and legs and get moving for trees. No matter how long it takes you, every step, spin of your wheels, or swimming stroke you make will help create a greener world.  

Plus, everyone who fundraised £50 or more will get an exclusive National Trust running buff to keep them warm on future challenges, and the winner of the £500 National Trust holiday voucher is Ms V A. Fundraising targets exclude gift aid and the closing date for fundraised amounts is 23:59 GMT on 14 November 2021. Read the full terms and conditions.


a walking group strolls through the green woods

Track your progress with a Move for trees calendar 

To help you complete your Move for trees challenge, we've created a calendar for you to track your progress, complete with things for you to notice in nature while moving for trees.

Need a bilingual version? Download it now

Why fundraise for trees?

Trees are good for wildlife, for the climate and for us. They do amazing things for our planet, and on top of all that, being among them also boosts our wellbeing. But recent world weather events and climate reports have brought home just how critical it is that we don't take nature for granted. It's more important than ever that we help trees to thrive and the green environment they support to flourish.

By fundraising for trees, you have the power to make that happen. The trees we plant today are a legacy for the future, so the only question left is - how many trees will you plant? 

How many trees will you plant?

  • If you raise £5 1 sapling will be planted
  • If you raise £100 20 trees will be planted
  • If you raise £250 500sqm of woodland will be planted

Thank you for making a difference

By being active beneath the red and orange leaves this autumn, you're part of creating a greener tomorrow. Your support will help secure a brighter future for trees, wildlife and the generations to come. So thank you for joining in with the Move for trees challenge and helping to plant trees. Together, we can do a world of good.