No.46 try rock climbing

Group climbing up a rock near sea

Rock climbing isn't an every day challenge and it's probably best to go to a class or an organised event to help you have a go at it safely. You'll need equipment too, but this is usually supplied by the place you're going, so don't buy any just yet!

This challenge isn't going to turn you into an expert rock climber in one session, it's more about having a go and seeing how you get on. 

What you need:

  • A rock that's stable and isn't wet or too steep
  • Trainers for grip
  • An expert!

A lot of our places run rock climbing events, so you can easily come along and try it out to decide whether it's for you or not.

Bits and bobs to be aware of:

Rock climbing can be scary, but if you're at a specialist centre or event you'll be safe and looked after by experts, and you'll be given all the essential equipment you need like ropes, a helmet and harness.

If you're learning to climb outdoors, then rocks can be deceptively slippery when they're wet. Start slowly before you head up too high and soon you'll be climbing Bond-style. 

If you've gone to an indoor rock climbing centre then there will be lots of experts on hand to teach you the ropes. Even professional rock climbers never climb alone.