On location at Hughenden's Christmas photo shoot

photographer taking a picture of red riding hood for Hughenden's Christmas campaign

Back in September, Little Red Cap dropped by to star in our Christmas photo shoot. We discovered that photo shoots are a bit like highway patrols...

Photo shoots are always a strange mix of boredom and high stress. There’s a lot of waiting around while the photographer and assistant talk light levels and make miniscule adjustments to the props and then it’s all action. Hughenden’s Christmas photo shoot was no different. 

The Grimms fairy tale theme

At 9am with an hour to go before the photographer arrived, we began assembling our props for the indoor shoot in the library. 

We wanted an indoor image and a location shot to show that the folk tale theme weaves throughout the estate and not just in the house.

How do you contain the Elves and the Shoemaker story in a bell jar? 

With cotton reels, tiny buttons and a lot of fiddling, we discovered. 

Discover the stories of the Grimm Brothers at Hughenden this Christmas
A display of Christmas decorations on the Library desk

Whilst we polished the glass of the bells jars, the professional photographer, Megan Taylor and her assistant experimented with the angle of the light reflector to get just the right glow on the tableau. And should the Christmas tree be on the left or the right? Too many baubles, or not enough? So many decisions.

Preparing Hughenden Library for A Fairytale Christmas
Preparing Hughenden Library for a Fairytale Christmas

Creating frost in September

For the outdoor shoot, we placed little books sprinkled with glitter in clear Perspex baubles. Tying them to tree branches with red sashes created an otherworldly Christmas feel. Our regional design lead stepped in to play the part of a tree when there wasn’t one to hand.

Filming Little Red Cap
Filming Little Red Cap

Little Red Cap had to be persuaded out of the branches of the tree she’d been climbing and into her red cape for the shoot. Creating a frosty woodland floor with a bag of flour seemed to do the trick. 

Little Red Cap creates a frosty scene with flour
Little Red Cap creating a frosty scene with flour

It’s a wrap 

After scrolling through the digital shots and choosing the best, we did the traditional thing and celebrated with tea and scones in the café.