Places to see boxing hares

Hare eating grass, Orford Ness

One of the great sights of spring is the so-called ‘mad March hare’. These usually shy and reclusive creatures can be spotted ‘boxing’ in open fields throughout the mating season. Rather than competition between males, this behaviour is actually females fending off unwanted males.

Top spot for hares: Lyme Park, Cheshire

The open spaces of Lyme Park are perfect hare-spotting territory during early spring. You can head up to The Cage, a hill-top hunting lodge with great views across the park, to see them ‘boxing’ and racing and chasing one another.

You can also see hares at:

  • Stourhead, Wiltshire
  • Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire
  • The Yorkshire Coast

Mountain hares:

  • Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire
  • Dark Peak Moors, Derbyshire

Irish hares:

  • Divis and the Black Mountain, County Down