Purple walk – Divis, County Antrim

A close-up view of a purple devil's-bit scabious flower

Purple helps with inspiration and imagination. It’s a strong colour but an unsociable one, it signals the wish to be left alone.

‘The colour purple dominates the mountain of Divis in the autumn,' says our property manager, Dermot McCann. 'In particular, the purple-coloured and wonderfully named devil's-bit scabious, which carpets much of the landscape through September until October.
'We get the flower all over the property, from the front gate to the back gate. You don't have any problem spotting it. It benefits from the rich mosaic of habitats we have here. It's a curious looking plant, with its purple head and the antlers sticking out of it.
'People ask me what it's called and when I tell them it's a great conversation starter.’

Route: 4.2 miles (moderate)