Quiz of the Week: Felbrigg Hall

The dovecot and pond in the garden at Felbrigg

How well do you know some of the places in our care in the East of England? Test your knowledge, challenge your friends and family, and learn something new along the way with our weekly quiz.

1.    Why did the house have to be re-modelled in the 1750s?

A.    William Windham II wanted to impress his guests
B.    William Windham II was keen to keep up with the latest trends
C.    William Windham II brought so many paintings on his Grand Tour

2.    Why was part of the servant’s wing destroyed by fire in 1755?

A.    A blaze broke out in the kitchen, which then got out of control
B.    Linen was left too close to an unattended candle 
C.    The owners love affair with making fireworks led to an explosion 

3.    Where did Felbrigg’s exotic hand-painted wallpaper originate from? 

A.    Japan
B.    China
C.    India

4.    Why was William Windham III nicknamed ‘Weathercock Windham’?

A.    He believed he could predict the weather
B.    He changed political parties like the weather
C.    He would only leave the house when the sun was shining 

5.    Why does the ghost of William Windham III supposedly haunt the library?

A.    It was the room in which he died
B.    He's searching for an overdue library book
C.    He died from his injuries after a fire rescuing precious books 

6.    ‘Mad Windham’ liked to dress up, but what didn’t he pose as?

A.    A policeman, so he could meet dubious women 
B.    A train guard, whose unauthorised whistle blasts caused confusion on the platform
C.    A footman, who spied on others in high society

7.    Felbrigg’s bath that covers your whole body, is named after which item of footwear?

A.    Slipper 
B.    Sandal 
C.    Stiletto 

8.    What shape is the iconic dovecot in the Walled Garden?

A.    Circular
B.    Square 
C.    Hexagonal

9.    The Walled Garden has been re-generated to feature what?

A.    Exotic plants that can cope with climate change
B.    The head gardeners favourite flowers
C.    Historic varieties of plants featured in an old diary

10.    How did the last squire commemorate his brother who died in the Second World War?

A.    He erected a statue of his brother in the garden 
B.    He planted an avenue of trees, in the form of a ‘V’ for victory 
C.    He commissioned a portrait to hang in the Great Hall

Answers: 1C, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5C, 6C, 7A, 8C, 9A, 10B