Quiz of the Week: Sheringham Park

Rhododendron display from one of the viewing towers

How well do you know some of the places in our care in the East of England? Test your knowledge, challenge your friends and family, and learn something new along the way with our weekly quiz.

1.    Sheringham Park was designed by which landscape gardener?

A.    Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown
B.    Humphry Repton
C.    Gertrude Jekyll

2.    Repton made a cameo in a book by which British novelist?

A.    Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre) 
B.    Charles Dickens (David Copperfield)
C.    Jane Austen (Mansfield Park)

3.    What did Repton give his clients to showcase his design proposals? 

A.    Blue Book
B.    Red Book
C.    Green Book

4.    What was so special about Repton’s trademark books?

A.    They list his contacts in the plant world
B.    They contained before and after sketches
C.    They reveal highly sought-after growing tips

5.    Why were Repton’s books named after a specific colour?

A.    It was the colour of the leather binding
B.    It was Repton’s favourite colour
C.    It matched his carriage

6.    What plant is Sheringham Park famed for?

A.    Snowdrop
B.    Bluebell
C.    Rhododendron

7.    Why are there so many rare specimens at Sheringham Park?

A.    The family attended Chelsea Flower Show
B.    The family sponsored a Victorian plant hunter
C.    The family believed rhododendrons grew better in East Anglia

8.    How did plant hunter, Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson, get his nickname?

A.    He was in fact Chinese
B.    He spoke fluent Mandarin
C.    He brought back hundreds of seeds from China 

9.    Why do we keep Rhododendron ponticum in check?

A.    It’s an invasive species
B.    It produces an unpleasant fragrance
C.    It’s not as pretty as other varieties

10.    Which rare specimen tree is located at Sheringham Park?

A.    Tissue tree
B.    Napkin tree
C.    Handkerchief tree

Answers: 1B, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5A, 6C, 7C, 8C, 9A, 10C