Read this article to find out how we're carefully reopening and operating our campsites with new procedures and cleaning regime to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Welcome back

As we begin to reopen some of our campsites and welcome you back to the places you love, or to somewhere new, we understand how important it is to keep you up to date on what we're doing to keep everyone safe during this time.

We’d like to give you peace of mind that the wellbeing of our guests, staff and volunteers is our priority. In line with government advice, we’re taking measures to make sure you can enjoy a comfortable and safe stay with us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these times and for your support of the National Trust. We look forward to seeing you back at our campsites very soon.

How has our cleaning regime changed?

Our high standards and thorough cleaning processes will continue. We'll be increasing the frequency of cleaning the toilets and facilities blocks with more emphasis on sanitising main touch points, such as handles, taps, and other surfaces likely to be touched with water droplets.

All hand dryers in the facilities blocks will be out of use and replaced with hand tissues, and the hair dryers, where applicable, will also be out of use.

Sanitising hand wash will be provided, as well as additional hand sanitiser that’ll be located around the campsite, and a socially distant queuing system will be introduced for the facilities blocks.

Any areas that are exposed to visitors and staff, for example the reception front desk, will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.

We encourage you to use contactless payment wherever possible. However, if contactless payment isn’t possible, for your safety and that of our staff and volunteers, the card machines will be cleaned if touched directly by any visitors as well as tills.

Keeping us all safe

Based on the government’s advice and our response to reopen our places safely, we’re following our organisational Hygiene Instruction and Safe Working Practice guidance to ensure the safety of our guests, visitors, staff and volunteers.

All members of staff have completed training on our response to coronavirus and how to look after our staff, volunteers and supporters during this reopening period. Our staff will be provided with personal protective equipment and will follow the social distancing measures to carry out their tasks.

If anyone begins to develop symptoms before your holiday, we'd ask that you please contact us using the contact information in your booking confirmation to discuss next steps and how to postpone your holiday. If anyone begins to develop symptoms during your holiday, please contact us using the contact information in your booking confirmation to discuss next steps.

How has our offer changed?

To safely support the reopening of our campsites, we’ve closed some of the cubicles and washing stations in facilities blocks to reduce the number of guests using it at any one time. We’ve also reduced the number of overall holiday guests on the campsite to reflect this so we can safely manage social distancing in line with government guidance.

Once we’ve opened, we’ll begin reviewing guest numbers on a weekly basis, and where it’s safe to do so we’ll slowly begin to increase the amount of people allowed onto the campsites.

At some campsites there’ll be an increased number of toilet and shower facilities through the addition of mobile units.

Reception, shops and food and drink

There’ll be a limited number of staff and guests at any one time in the reception area and shop so where possible we’ll introduce a self-check-in service to reduce queue time and help you find your pitch easily on arrival contact-free. To maintain social distancing, please ensure that you pitch in the spot you are shown. 

We plan to open our existing shops with a limited range and contactless payment only. However it may take a little while to get all the shops open straight away.

Following government advice, we'll open the following where and when it's safe to do so:

  • additional food and drink offers
  • activity offers
  • open shared communal areas and play areas

At our reception and facilities blocks, you'll find that we've mapped out queuing routes with social distancing markers.

Where we’re not able to put these social distancing measures in place easily, some campsites will remain closed.