Send us your National Trust memories

Miners at Dolaucothi gold mine in the 1930s

It's our 125th anniversary in 2020. As part of the celebrations we're publishing a history of the National Trust in which we would like to feature some of your memories and stories.

The book, which will be written by one of our senior directors Simon Murray, will primarily focus on the last 50 years and will include stories from visitors, members, tenants, volunteers and staff members.  

Do you, or any of your relatives, remember visiting one of our places 50 years ago? Or did you volunteer back then? Perhaps you lived in one of our houses or ran one of our farms. We would like to discover what the National Trust means to you.

Simon, who has worked at the Trust for more than 30 years, says: ‘What really excites me is bringing places like Mr Straw’s House in Nottinghamshire and The Workhouse in Southwell under the care of the Trust and sharing stories of everyday life in homes and workplaces up and down the country.'

Senior director, Simon Murray, is writing a history book about the National Trust
Senior director, Simon Murray, is writing a history book about the National Trust
Senior director, Simon Murray, is writing a history book about the National Trust

What we need from you

‘Do you, or any of your relatives, remember visiting a Trust property 50 years ago?' asks Simon. 

‘Whatever your connection, I’d like to hear your memories and what these places meant to you. Is looking after heritage and buildings important to you? Is saving the countryside more important? Did the Trust step in to save a favourite place of yours? Whatever your thoughts and opinions are, I'd like to know.'

To share your stories, please follow the link below and send in any special memories you have made with us.

Simon will contact the senders of the stories he wants to feature, and may want to set up a meeting or talk on the phone to get further details. With your permission, these stories will feature in the book and our archives, and may also be used on our website. 

Protecting your data 

In order to store the information you provide for our future historical research and contact purposes, we need to retain your name and any contact details:

  • Your email address will be securely stored on a password protected system, accessible by two specific National Trust research professionals.
  • Your stories, information and personal data are in the first instance being read, assessed and stored for journalistic, academic, artistic and literary purposes. If a submission is of interest, a researcher will reply to the email address specifically used. If a submission is not used, the personal data and any related content will be deleted after 24 months.
  • Any personal data you provide is only being used for this purpose.
  • Please ensure that you do not include third party personal data in your submission.
  • We will not share your information with any third party.
  • In the event that your ‘story’ is published, we will seek your full consent and applicable legal permissions pre-publication. This would include references to third parties and their subsequent permissions.

For any further information on permission and consent, please visit our privacy policy.