Snoods save energy at Gunby Hall

Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire

Knitted neck warmers are making a big difference to how much energy is used at Gunby Hall and Gardens in Lincolnshire.

We’ve set ourselves big targets to reduce energy consumption by 2020 across the Trust, so volunteer Margaret Dewrance put her knitting skills to good use and whipped up a pile of purple snoods for staff and volunteers at Gunby to keep them warm.

Knitted solutions for saving energy

Margaret 's neck warmers, along with other energy saving measures, have helped the 17th-century country house in the Midlands to reduce its energy use by 27 per cent against previous year’s figures.
‘Instead of putting up the heating, we just twist our snoods a bit tighter round,’ said Gunby’s house manager Astrid Gatenby. 

Taking control of our electricity use

Across the Midlands, new ‘voltage optimisation’ kit has also been installed to regulate electrical power use in appliances at places we look after. This has led to big drops in energy use, meaning a cleaner environment and more money to spend on conservation.
‘Property teams have noticed a number of other benefits too,’ said Charis Fowler, environmental adviser for the Midlands. ‘Light bulbs aren’t blowing as frequently, the fire and security alarms don’t trip as often – which means less disturbed sleep for staff – and our appliances should benefit from a longer life, now there will no longer be huge spikes in voltage across the property.’

Love your home: Energy advice to help protect your own special place (PDF / 0.4MB) download

Solar panels, used to power lighting, on the roof of Brancaster Millennium Activity Centre, Norfolk

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