SWOF mountain biking challenges

Mountain biking at SWOF

If you're happiest when you're on 2 wheels then the mountain biking challenges at SWOF this year could be just the thing.

Mountain Biking

At this year’s SWOF there will be an exciting Mountain Bike Orienteering event, which will send riders out to explore the tracks, trails, bridleways and lanes around the gorgeous South Devon site in search of controls, which they need to collect (using a ‘Dibber’) before heading back to the finish line at the festival hub. The objective of the event is to visit as many checkpoints as possible within a specified time, in order to maximise your score.    

Participants can enter this event in either the ‘Short Score’ or ‘Long Score’ categories. The only difference between Short and Long is the time you have available to visit as many checkpoints as possible, with Short Score having 2 hours, and Long Score having 3.5 hours. You may enter either of these categories as either a Solo (Individual), as a Pair (2 People), as a Family or a Team (max four people). Pairs, Family and Team Groups must stay together during the event and may not split up! All courses will be using waterproof OS 1:25,000 maps and SPORTident electronic timing.

The Mountain Bike Orienteering is a friendly and fun event, and you can make it as challenging as you want to. For the Solo, Pairs and Team categories, all participants must be over the age of 16. Youths aged 16 or 17 may enter, so long as their form is countersigned by a parent/guardian. Family groups may enter (in either Long or Short Score) – however, please note each family group must have at least one person under 16 competing and at least 1 adult over 16, and you will only be allocated 1 ‘Dibber’.

Booking essential. ‚ÄčEntry details and more information is available here on this website.