Tenant Custodian Membership

Visitors with a baby sitting by the lake at Stourhead, Wiltshire

Tenant Custodian Membership is a new type of membership available to most of our residential, commercial and agricultural tenants.

Each year, this membership provides you with our handbook and car sticker, three editions of our magazine and regional newsletters, as well as a card which allows the tenant, one other adult and their children (under 18) free entry to our places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland during normal opening times.

How does it differ to 'normal' membership?

Tenant custodian membership is different as tenants will not be given access to the National Trust AGM or be able to vote. However, tenant custodian members will be able to upgrade to full membership at a discounted rate.

If you become an eligible tenant after the packs are distributed at the start of each year, you’ll be given a welcome pack so you can benefit from tenant custodian membership for the remainder of the calendar year after your tenancy starts.

Thereafter, you’ll be sent the tenant custodian membership card and pack at the start of each year for as long as you’re an eligible tenant of the National Trust.


Erddig's tenant farm sheep grazing on the estate in foreground with the house in the background

Residential & farm lettings 

We offer lettings of houses, cottages and farms for tenants in addition to our places open to the public.