The joy of being somewhere

Alexa St John Palmer, South West Membership Project Officer Alexa St John Palmer South West Membership Project Officer
An evening walk on Polzeath beach

Why do we go for a walk? When every corner of the world is accessible within three key word searches, and every view beautifully presented in social media posts, why do we still feel the want to be ‘out there’? Alexa St John Palmer explores why it's so important to see the world with our own eyes and feel it about us.

How does being somewhere helps us to be mindful?

Perhaps, the answer lays in that little word: ‘be.’ Being. Being part of something bigger. Being with ourselves. We all have a need to simply be.  

In our world of screens and blue light, easy instant communication and constant media, it is all too normal to live in state of endless stimulation and distraction. But outside, in a landscape (whether it’s familiar or new), we get the chance to close the door on the rest of the world. And simply be.

Looking down the Exe Valley
The Exe valley in the evening
Looking down the Exe Valley

Escape the everyday

Although is it true we are all able to let go of the stress and tangle of modern life in any environment if we try hard enough, being 'somewhere’ makes it very much easier. Somewhere that draws you out from your everyday mind-set, that breaks the mould of day to day life, that connects you to something else, that allows you to breathe.

Somewhere is a place that speaks to you. Being somewhere is to allow yourself to listen.

Walking through the magic hour at Dunster Castle
Soaking in the evening at Dunster Castle
Walking through the magic hour at Dunster Castle

Places speak to us

They address those hard to reach or deeply held parts of ourselves which modern life swamps.

These places help us fade out the normal babble of gossip, shopping lists and to-do lists, worrying and fixating, analysing and planning, until the chatter of day to day life drops into the background, and all that is left is the place, and you.

Taking in the view at Stourhead
Visitor admiring the view at Stourhead
Taking in the view at Stourhead

Being somewhere helps us to quiet all that's not important

Like echoes, these places reflect back to us only what really matters. They give us a chance to get back in touch with ourselves when we have become disconnected, to see clearly without the clutter of life clouding our perspective, to step away from who we have become and be who we are. To perhaps enjoy just a moment of peace in a noisy life.

This is the joy of being somewhere. Being allowed to simply be.