The Jurassic Coast, Devon and Dorset

 View of Burton Cliff and Beach, Dorset, looking East taken in late winter sunlight

The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site, famed for its fossils and full of great views. Kate Sheard, a ranger in Devon, shares her favourite coastal walk.

‘I discovered this place by accident - growing up in an industrial town meant I'd missed out on fresh air and the glittering sea. An ill friend passed their holiday onto me, and I can't stay away now. England at its best: fresh, clean and beautiful,’ says Sinead D about the Jurassic Coast.
‘The Jurassic Coast covers over 90 miles of stunning coastline. In the East Devon section alone there is such an amazing variety of different landscapes.
My favourite way to enjoy the views is to walk from Branscombe to Beer. I normally walk there along the top of the cliff line and walk back via the under cliff. This route goes through the short shrubby areas of the cliff and you can glimpse the sea, peaking between the trees.’
You can discover more coastal walks in this area on the East Devon Ranger’s blog.