The rescue of the Red Wing at Croome

The Red Wing before its repair

The Red Wing is a service wing attached to the side of Croome Court. Like the main house, it was designed by ‘Capability’ Brown in the early 1750s and it originally contained the kitchens, offices and servants' quarters. Towards the end of the 6th Earl of Coventry's life, who commissioned Brown, he chose to live in an apartment in the Red Wing and even created a new door into the house for better access.

Why is it so important?

The Red Wing is a key development in Croome’s 18th-century design by Brown.
It provided all of the services to keep the grand Georgian mansion operating smoothly, and without it many of the ‘below stairs’ stories are lost. We knew we had to act fast to save it from ruin. 

What happened?

The Red Wing was in a seriously poor state of repair when we acquired it in late 2011, thanks to the Croome Heritage Trust. Its decline had accelerated rapidly in the last decade under private ownership and the building was on the point of collapse after two harsh winters.
We immediately began work to erect a scaffold before the winter came. The scaffold covered the entire building and was topped with sealed plastic sheeting to keep the building protected from the elements. Work then started to erect an internal scaffold allowing us to enter the building safely to begin the repair. 
We have completed our building work to save the Red Wing and repairs to the shell has made the place wind and water tight and structurally sound.

The work continues

We hope to open the interior to visitors to in the near future.

Give to the Red Wing appeal 

Help us save the Red Wing of Croome Court, before a wealth of history is lost forever.