This Christmas, give them something memorable

For most of us, finding the perfect present is an even bigger challenge than cooking Christmas dinner. It can be hard to find a gift that’s not just going to gather dust, or be eaten before the year is out.

With National Trust gift membership you’ll not only be giving your loved ones a memorable gift that they can use all year round, you’ll be helping to protect over 500 special places. Here are six reasons why membership will be a gift to remember.

1. They can choose how to use it

Everybody experiences membership in their own unique way. Whether they love delving into local history, discovering new walks or getting lost among avenues of rhododendrons and hydrangeas, as a member there is so much for them to discover.

2. They’ll use it again and again

With over 500 places to explore, membership isn’t something they’ll grow tired of. Especially as each season brings new treats – from spring daffodils and summer days at the beach to autumn colour walks and winter fairs.   

3. It won’t clutter up the house

Membership doesn’t take up any space. In fact, it opens doors (and gates) to more places than you could possibly imagine. So, rather than filling up their house with ever more stuff, why not give them a reason to get out and about?

4. It’ll definitely last until next Christmas

Boxes of chocolates and bottles of fizz are often scoffed and forgotten about before the year’s even out. But with National Trust membership, they’ll still be thanking you and sharing stories of their new discoveries when it’s time to think about next year’s present.

5. It could bring you closer

If you already enjoy visiting National Trust places, you can use your present as a way of spending more time together. Why not share a place you’ve visited before with them or plan a joint visit to discover somewhere new?

6. Your gift will make a real difference

From restoring historic buildings to miles of coastline, membership supports our conservation work. So it’s not just your friend or family member who’ll benefit from your present – it’s the hundreds of special places we look after.