Six scenic trails to get active

Get fit on one of our challanging walking trails

Following a fitness goal? Did you know training outside can feel less strenuous than the same exercise indoors? With fresh air filling your lungs, let natural trails push you harder while improving your balance and core skills. With more to see when you walk, run or cycle, getting fit in our beautiful coast and countryside will feel like a piece of cake.

With wonderful woodlands and perfect parklands, the beauty of our local places makes exercising a walk in the park. As you feel your fitness progress, put it to the test by tackling some of the more challenging routes.

Fallen leaves on the Giants Ring trail

Giant's Ring trail at Minnowburn

Discover the ancient and modern influences that make up the landscape of the Lagan Valley around Minnowburn.

Explore the Demesne Walks at Mount Stewart

Red Trail

Mount Stewart is typical early Irish demesne, with a wide range of open vista farmland, woodland, orchards, follies, alongside the house, and exotic garden. Since 1744, explore the demesne woodlands and farmland which have remained much within their original plantations and field systems.

Castle Ward Mansion House

Castle Ward boundary trail

An eight-mile trail that takes in some stunning sights around Castle Ward.

Enjoy views across Fermanagh from the Red Trail viewpoint

Florence Court Red Trail

A trail through the forest park at Florence Court which rewards walkers with views across Fermanagh and beyond at its peak.

Mussenden Temple at Downhill Demesne

Downhill Demesne Walking Trail

With its sheltered gardens and cliff-top walks, you'll hug the headland of the North Coast on this beautiful walk around Downhill Demesne. Stop for a rest and a must-have photo at one of Ireland's most photographed places, the iconic Mussenden Temple inspired by the Tivoli Temple of Vesta.

Chimney stacks at the Giant's Causeway, Co Antrim

Giant’s Causeway Yellow Trail

The Yellow Trail starts at Runkerry Head and ends at Hamilton's Seat, marking the perimeter of the World Heritage Site, and becomes the Green Trail and Red Trail in part.