Training for an emergency scenario at Wallington

Visitors walking outside the house at Wallington

On Tuesday 16 January, we’ll be practising an emergency scenario at Wallington. This training event, held in partnership with the Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, will put to practice our emergency plan, which covers many anticipated events such as fires, floods and sewerage problems.

Two fire engines will arrive at Wallington at 1pm, as if a real life emergency were taking place, with their sirens and blue lights on. The fictional scenario will focus on a boiler in the basement which has caught fire. Staff will work with the Fire Service to fictionally rescue staff, visitors and valuable objects for the collection. 

Our role as Europe’s largest conservation charity is to look after special places like Wallington, so it’s crucial that we know what to do should an emergency happen in real life.

We wanted to let you know this was taking place should you get any calls from the public to say that an emergency was happening at Wallington – don’t worry - it’s fictional.