Tudor links in the North West

Children playing outside at Speke Hall, Garden and Estate, Merseyside

From a blend of design styles to theatrical performances, there is plenty to discover at Speke Hall and Rufford Old Hall.

Speke Hall, Liverpool 

Before the early 16th century English homes were built with a series of interconnecting rooms rather than corridors. When Cardinal Wolsey borrowed the idea of corridors from the French for Hampton Court, the fashion spread.
Speke Hall is one of the earliest examples of a private house built with corridors. Corridors afforded the Norris family more privacy and kept the rooms leading off them warmer.

Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire 

A young William Shakespeare may have performed at Rufford Old Hall.
There’s evidence that the Hesketh company of players, who performed in the impressive Great Hall in around 1581, included one William Shakeshaft – one of the many alternative spellings of Shakespeare’s name.