Virtual Easter trivia tour

Stoneywell in spring with hidden virtual Easter eggs

Join us over the Easter break with our 2021 virtual Easter tour of trivia that you can do at home. Get ready to have some fun and test your knowledge about some of your favourite places.

Your trivia tour starts here, so let the Easter fun begin. During the Easter school holidays, from 29 March to 19 April, we're inviting you to look out for the hidden clues across National Trust property webpages and discover an exclusive recipe at the end to create a chocolatey reward – perfect to enjoy over the Easter holidays.

Here's how to take part:

  • Start by reading the first clue below.
  • The first cryptic clue should help you figure out which property webpage you need to hop to next on our website.
  • Search the National Trust website for that property when you've worked out the answer.
  • We’ve hidden some Easter eggs within images on the website, so once on the property webpage – if you’ve guessed it correctly – look for the eggs and you’ll find the clue for the next place you need to find. 
  • Continue to answer the clues and search for the next place on our website, until you reach the end.
  • There are seven places taking part so you're sure to challenge yourself – or learn something new – along the way.
  • On the final clue you'll be led to a secret page that'll reveal your reward. 
A property, Stoneywell, obscured by an Easter egg

Start your Easter tour of trivia

Clue no. 1 of 7:

'An Arts and Crafts family home that seems to grow from the stony ground of the Charnwood Forest.'