Mapping out a response to the Wasdale invaders

Views of Wastwater and Nether Wasdale

The National Trust GIS mapping software is proving to be a useful tool in our battle against invasive species in Wasdale.

So far this year we have been concentrating on mapping our invasive species population onto the National Trust's Geographical Information System (GIS). From the resulting map we have been able to identify and record actions required to control the invasives here in Wasdale.

The map has enabled us to log the habits and characteristics of the each different invasive species (location, growth, habitat, etc), and also helps us keep track of work previously completed in the valley.

Working in partnership with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust and our River Irt volunteer group, we are targeting the Himalayan Balsam this summer that has slowly worked its way up the valley following a small watercourse. In particular, we aim to tackle a coverage of Himalayan Balsam on the Wasdale roadside, near Nether Wasdale (NY118/048).

We will also target the expected return of Ragwort at Wasdale Head (NY183/083) and Hemlock (Water Dropwort) on the Nether Wasdale estate (NY113/042 & NY117,039).