Where Churchill saw a ghost in Kent

Churchill saw the ghost of his father at Chartwell, Kent

The most fascinating ghost story associated with Chartwell, comes to us from the pen of Sir Winston Churchill himself. In an article entitled The Dream, Churchill gives a moving account of how his dead father appeared to him when he was painting in his studio.

The former Prime Minister writes that had been ‘intensely absorbed’ copying a portrait of his father when suddenly he became aware of an odd sensation.

He saw his dead father

Looking around he saw his father sitting in his red leather upright armchair, just as Churchill remembered him.

He wrote of the encounter: ‘He was so exactly like my memories of him in his most charming moods that I could hardly believe my eyes. I felt no alarm; but I thought I would stand where I was and go no nearer.’

Churchill went on to describe the subsequent conversation he had with the ghost as he updated his father on all that had happened in the world during the 50 or so years since his death, including the two World Wars.

'Perhaps you could have made a name for yourself'

When Churchill had finished his father said: ‘Of course you are too old now to think about such things, but when I hear you talk I really wonder why you didn’t go into politics. You might have done a lot to help. You might even have made a name for yourself.’

And with that, he took out a match to light his cigarette, struck it – and vanished.