Night and dusk runs

Night runners setting the pace

There is something magical about night-time running in the countryside. Under a canopy of stars or under the moon’s bright gaze, you gain a new perspective of the world at night.

The festival night runs Adventurer and Explorer are on Friday 5 October . They are off-road with a mix of multi-terrain paths and grassland. The routes are sensitively marked and marshalled at critical points to ensure everyone follows the route safely. Wearing a head torch will be required.

These East Soar night running events will launch a new season 2018/19 of National Trust night runs across the country.

There are two routes to choose from:

Adventurer route – approx. 8-10km

Ideally suited to people who want to challenge themselves. The challenge could be running at a good pace or completing your first ever run with a head torch. You'll need a reasonable level of fitness but will still suit walkers, joggers and runners of all abilities. It will take between 30 minutes and an hour-and-a-half to get round depending on ability. Due to the nature of the courses you'll never be too far from the event HQ. Special launch price £10 (Usual price £14).

Explorer route – 1-2km

Ideally suited to children and those new to running. It will be a great first step into exploring at night and should take between 10 and 30 minutes to get round. Special launch price £5 (Usual price £7).

All participants will receive a Night Run medal. Further timing and booking info to be announced.

We are also planning a Dusk Run on Saturday 6 October. More information to follow.