Why leave a gift in your will

Family standing in front of white cliffs

Without gifts in wills, the National Trust would face an uncertain future as a charity. They are that important.

Caring for special places is a major responsibility. We do it because the alternative – losing the historic houses, countryside and coast that we love – is unthinkable.

As a charity, the membership and visitor fees we receive are vital, but they aren’t enough to cover our on-going costs.

Your gifts make a big difference

The gifts that generous supporters leave us in their wills vary each year. But they often make up more than 10 per cent of our income. They’re essential if we’re to continue:

  • protecting 775 miles of beaches, cliffs and headland
  • maintaining more than 300 historic houses, gardens, ancient monuments, nature reserves and parks
  • caring for 250,000 hectares of countryside.

Can you help us to secure their future and to remember the causes you and your loved ones are passionate about?

Any gift, no matter how large or small, makes a lasting difference. Rest assured that whatever gift you leave will be used wisely and effectively.

You can call us on 01793 817699, download our Gifts in Wills Guide below or email the Gifts in Wills team. Alternatively, write to: Gifts in Wills team, National Trust, Heelis, Kemble Drive, Swindon, SN2 2NA.

Download our Gift in Wills Guide (PDF / 1.7MB)

Making a Will - understanding the process (PDF / 0.1MB)

A family inside Ham House and Garden, Surrey

How to leave a gift in your will 

Whether you’re making a will for the first time or changing an existing one, it’s easier than you might think.

Rennie Fry and her family enjoying a visit to Poleston Lacey, Surrey

Legacy pledger Rennie Fry left a gift in her Will 

Peter and I decided years ago now to give the National Trust priority in our Wills. The Trust gave us a lifetime of delight and a legacy of treasured memories, I hope our contribution and that of others will give many future generations the same enjoyment.

Formby Point, Liverpool

Help the places you love live forever 

If you're thinking about leaving a gift in your will, why not consider a gift to charity to help us look after your special place forever.