You did it

Shaw's Corner in spring with hidden virtual Easter eggs

Well done! Congratulations on completing the virtual Easter tour of trivia.

We hope you've had fun on this virtual Easter tour. Maybe you've discovered some new places, learnt some interesting facts or tested your knowledge of some of the places we look after along the way. To reward your successful victory on completing the tour, we've got a delicious new Easter recipe for you to try.

Stack of chocolate cookies and a bowl of mini chocolate egg in the background

Your Easter reward 

Bake up a storm in the kitchen with this delicious Easter cookie recipe. Add your favourite Easter treats to the mixture to make them extra indulgent, plus nothing beats the taste of satisfaction after successfully completing our virtual Easter tour of trivia.

Let's revisit the clues and answers from the trivia tour. You could even reuse these clues for your own National Trust inspired quiz at home with family and friends.

Question 1: An Arts and Crafts family home that seems to grow from the stony ground of the Charnwood Forest.
Answer: Stoneywell, Midlands

Question 2: Name a beach that squeaks and whistles between your toes?
Answer: Porthor, also known as the whistling sands, in Wales

Question 3: This place has bags of character; Tudor on the outside, Victorian on the inside and it speaks with a Liverpudlian accent.
Answer: Speke Hall and Gardens, The North

Question 4: Built by a Webb, decorated by a Morris and a thoroughly modern Victorian home in the south.
Answer: Standen House and Garden, London and the South East

Question 5: This monument commemorates The Battle of Waterloo and is the tallest three-sided obelisk in the world. Don't forget your welly boots when you visit.
Answer: Wellington Monument, South West

Question 6: With Benaughlin mountain in the background, this sustainable Irish estate is home to the mother of all yew trees and one of the most important Georgian houses in Ireland.
Answer: Florence Court, Northern Ireland

Question 7: The country home of an Irish playwright whose way with words brought him Oscar success in 1939.
Answer: Shaw's Corner, East of England

Stoneywell in spring with hidden virtual Easter eggs

Want to give the Easter trivia tour another go? 

With the virtual Easter trivia tour running from 29 March - 12 April, there's plenty of time to start it again and share this fun Easter activity with your family and friends.