Time to watch wildflowers grow at Felbrigg

Wild orchids at Felbrigg

Early Purple Orchids are a reasonably uncommon plant that you’re more likely to find in ancient woodlands and old hedgerows. The Early Purple Orchid is one of our earliest flowering orchids, appearing from April to June.

Why are they so special?

Here at Felbrigg they only grow in one small area of woodland and as you can see from their picture, they're really rather pretty and as you might expect very purple.

"We love to see wildflowers growing at Felbrigg, especially some of the rarer species. The more we can preserve them, the more flowers that will then go on to produce seeds, enabling future visitors to Felbrigg to enjoy them as much as we do."

- Richard Daplyn, Lead Ranger

Picked Early Purple Orchids
Picked Early Purple Orchids
Picked Early Purple Orchids

So, why do we ask visitors not to pick wildflowers like this?

It's great that our visitors love our wildflowers as much as we do.

As you will have noticed from the picture above, we sometimes discover that our visitors like to pick these wildflowers. Unfortunately, this does have an impact on their survival.

What we would recommend, is that if you're considering picking flowers, that you only pick those in abundance and even then only a few so that other people can enjoy them. It's also important to know what you are picking, if you don't then the safest option is not to.

So if you're encouraging your child to make a daisy chain or see if they like butter by holding a buttercup up to their face, then do so and enjoy nature. Our top tip is just to ask yourself, is the flower you're picking something common and abundant, or rare and scarce?

We hope that you enjoy your next visit to Felbrigg, keep an eye out for the wildflowers that make Felbrigg so special and help us to protect them.