50 things to do at the Foundry

Girl in field looking through binoculars

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the foundry the quiet surroundings of the cottage garden provide an excellent space to complete some of the 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4.

After a good look round the foundry and tool collection the cottage garden is a quieter spot to have a picnic and complete some of the 50 things activties.

Hunt for bugs / Hold a scary beast

Throughout the spring and summer there are plenty of creepy crawlies in the garden. If you look in the hedgerows, amongst the flowers or gravestones, you should be able to find all sorts of insects...

Create some wild art / Make a trail with sticks

Using fallen leaves, twigs and other bits and pieces you might find you can create some wild art or make a trail with sticks.  On wet days there are lots of snails and slugs about ready for a snail race or you can run round in the rain.

Go bird watching

Sticklepath has one of the most diverse ranges of bird species in Devon. It's basically a big crossroads for birds moving across the county from moorland to the sea and from urban areas to green space. A great place to see herons, woodpeckers, buzzards and even cuckoos.