Flatford Nature Trails

Flatford Red Route

Flatford has two nature trails for younger visitors. Pick up a free trail leaflet for either the Red or Blue route from the car park on your way in.

There are two nature trails for youngsters visiting Flatford.

Flatford Red Route

For children aged 4 - 7 years.

What can I see ... ?

What can I feel ...?

What can I hear ...?

What can I find ...?

Designed to promote a child's awareness of their outdooor surroundings in the countryside here at Flatford.

Some suggestions and guidance can be found on the free trail guide obtainable at the car park on your way in to Flatford.

Flatford Blue Route

For older children aged 8 - 11 years.

What can you spot on your walk at Flatford?

Owl - Woodpecker - Nightingale - Buzzard - Oak - Field Maple - Hawthorn - Willow - Grass Snake - Deer - Fox - Rabbit - Buttercups - Bluebells - Nettles - Cow Parsley.

All of these are seen frequently at Flatford, just look, listen and quietly walk around the trail to see what you can find.