Landscape Impressed - by 12PM

Flatford - Landscape Impressed exhibition

A new exhibition at Boat House Gallery, Flatford 5 November 2016-26 February 2017

The Stour Valley is famous for being the inspiration for the work of the great artists Constable, Gainsborough and Munnings and even now it is regularly walked by those wanting to make art from its pastoral scenes.

12PM can’t promise you a Constable-like view of the Stour Valley, but they will be exhibiting an original view of nature, with trees and water as a dominant theme.  You will see a wide variety of contemporary takes on the local countryside.

The name of the group derives from there being twelve founding members. Some are members of the Printmakers Council or the Society of Wood Engravers. Many have had solo exhibitions or taken part in mixed exhibitions all over the UK and abroad. The present members of 12PM are Carl Borges, Al Brown, Sally Freer, Mel King, Terry Kubecki, Kit Leese, Kitty Reford, Anthony Searle, David Stone, Bryan Whiteley, Julia Vezza  and  Alan Woods. The prints will be for sale and are made by the artist working directly on the block, plate or screen from which the print will be made. They use a variety of techniques, including etching, lithography, wood engraving, silk- screen, lino/wood cutting and mono printing.

'Landscape Impressed' by 12PM
Flatford exhibition - Landscape Impressed by 12PM
'Landscape Impressed' by 12PM