Cadbury Egg Hunts in Fermanagh

Bunny's been up to his old tricks! He's left clues all over our places for you to solve and pick up your chocolate Cadbury prize.

Mount Stewart Easter 2017

Our Cadbury Egg Hunts are running at all three of our places from Saturday 15 April to Saturday 18 April from 11am daily. Stop in with our volunteers and staff to pick up your trail sheet, then head out around the grounds to find the answers and solve the clue. All the trails should bring you back to where you started where you can pick up your Cadbury chocolate prize!

Our Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt is packed with activities.
Family of two adults and two children in rainwear crouching on tarmac path studying Easter cadbury trail sheet

Castle Coole

Join Castle Coole's Cadbury Egg hunt which will take you past the house, through the beech trees and into the grand yard following Bunny's clues that he has left behind. Look out for some early bluebells and the last of the snowdrops.

Florence Court

Bunny’s been to Florence Court and scattered clues to solve all over the estate! Get hunting for them – can you find one near the daffodils? Under the bridge? Maybe near the loud sawmill with its whirring water-wheel! Find out to collect your well earned prize.

Bunny has been travelling by boat to Crom
Easter Eggs being delivered to Crom by boat


Bunny has taken a long journey by boat to Crom with plenty of Cadbury chocolate treats! He's hidden clues amongst the Castle Ruins and by the shores of Lough Erne - solve them as part of our Easter Hunt and claim your reward!

Cadbury Easter egg hunt at Arlington Court

Easter Monday at Florence Court

Plan a visit to Florence Court this Easter for some spring-time fun with our Cadbury Egg Hunts and Fun Day.

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Shopping at Florence Court

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