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Lacock Abbey by John Piper

Paintings of our places 

Over the years many of our landscapes and buildings have inspired artists. Uncover some of the paintings that have captured our special places.

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Beatrix Potter, Dinner in Mouseland, 1890-1895 / Beatrix Potter Gallery

Between naturalism and fantasy: the art of Beatrix Potter 

We house the single largest collection of Beatrix Potter's published illustrations, as well as a treasure trove of letters, photographs, unpublished drawings and manuscripts. What do her works reveal about her commitment to scientific accuracy and imaginative exploration?

Visitors looking at Whistler's mural at Plas Newydd

A talented young artist at Plas Newydd 

Rex Whistler’s magnificent masterpiece at Plas Newydd tells the story of the unrequited love of a contractor and the Marquess’s daughter, woven into the colossal canvas. The painting's imagined setting of mountains, harbours, towns and people, gives you an insight into a bygone era and the life of family and friends at Plas Newydd.

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