October at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

Colour is filling the estate with feel-good reds, yellows and golds and the chilly air is giving us an excuse to wrap up cosy and warm to go outside and explore. Whether you're after a relaxing autumnal stroll through the estate or some half term fun, you'll come away happy.

There's no one best season here at Fountains Abbey - each season, each month brings something special of its own. October's one of the most colourful times of year to visit as the trees are looking their best, dressed in reds, yellows and golds. Bring your walking boots, wrap up warm and marvel at this splendid seasonal show as you stroll around the estate.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of autumn's delights, including fat sweet chestnuts bursting open as they ripen and the heritage apple orchard by Fountains Mill, full to bursting with juicy northern apples. 

Autumn delights

Have an after dark running adventure

Join us on Tuesday 16 October for a run through the grounds after hours. Heading past the abbey and around the gardens this 5k loop is suitable for keen runners or families alike. All money raised from this run will be going towards restoring a lost lost statue in the garden...

Meet the Yorkshire Vet and borrow a Panasonic camera

Light up your evenings at Fountains by Floodlight

Every Saturday throughout October  (as well as Friday 26 October, Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November) come to see the abbey glowing gold in the evening light. Take a stroll down to the water garden to see the garden follies and statues aglow too!

Play wild this October half-term

You've been counting down the days and now it's finally here! Holidays! Make the most of being away from school with a crunchy, crackly adventure. Explore the water garden and find all four folly! artworks. Can you decide which is your favourite?

Pop to Swanley Grange to say hello to the chickens and join in with one of our crafty workshops, or make your very own bookmark. See eveything that's going on in the link below. 

Hear the clashing of antlers this autumn 

October is an exciting time in Studley Royal deer park. Join a guided walk to see if you can spot signs of the stags and bucks fighting and learn all about them from our knowledgable volunteers.

What is the deer rut?

It’s the time of year when the males start to clash antlers to win their right to mate. It’s a fierce and fiery competition to decide the hierarchy of the herd so the bigger and tougher the buck, the more likely it will be the one to father the next year’s offspring. In the lead up to the rut the male deer have a nice restful time, as their energy goes into growing their antlers ready for the rut. Their antlers are covered in velvet-like skin during the summer months as they grow but as August comes along, the blood flow cuts off and they shed this skin, which is why you may see bits hanging off them in the lead up to the rut. 

A fallow deer buck prepares to take on the other bucks in the autumn rut
Fallow deer buck prepares for rut at Charlecote Park in autumn
A fallow deer buck prepares to take on the other bucks in the autumn rut

Can I see the rut at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal?

If you visit the deer park it’s highly likely that you will see or hear the rut going on. Don’t try to get close though as the battling stags/bucks are so focused on the fight that they’re not aware of anything else around them. When the fight comes to an end the loser will make a break for it in any direction, with the winner close on their tail. 

If you're here to photograph the deer, please keep your distance and use a long lens to capture your shots. Please do not wear camoflauge and stick to the main paths. 


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