Quarry Bank appeal

Our Glasshouse needs you

Thousands of panes of glass need to be replaced in the Glasshouse

Thousands of panes of glass need to be replaced in the Glasshouse

Quarry Bank is a time machine. One step inside and you’re taken right back to the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to your support, our restoration plans are underway. We’ve been busy restoring the Upper Garden, planting shrubs that bloomed here in the early 1800s. At the Quarry Bank Archive, our archivists have unearthed hundreds of stories about the people who lived, worked and died here.

Your support has made this possible. But we still need to raise a further £1 million to restore the rest of Quarry Bank. Over the next year, we’re determined to save the domed, cast-iron Glasshouse, which was neglected for years before it came into our care. We’ve made it safe, but it deserves to be restored to its former glory.

Help us finish this restoration so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Help us raise £1 million to complete Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank was once part of one of the largest cotton spinning businesses in the UK. The mastermind behind it was Samuel Greg, and his wife, Hannah.

Together, they built a unique factory community that helped Britain drive the Industrial Revolution. Our aim is to reveal the full story of perhaps the world's premier early industrial community and tell the individual stories of the mill owners, workers and apprentices - before it's too late.

Without your donation, part of the fabric of our British heritage will never be truly revealed.

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