Early spring colour at Glendurgan

a close up of a snowdrop flower at Glendurgan

There are already lots of lovely spring flowers to spot in the garden

Spotting the spring colour

The camellias at Glendurgan are some of the largest and most spectacular in the country, with some nearly one hundred years in age. Look out for these colourful flowers as you walk along the Camellia Walk at the top of the garden.

Camellias in spring at Glendurgan
a close up of a pale pink camellia flower at Glendurgan

Delicate spring flowers such as the snowdrop are appearing at this time of year. The best place to spot the snowdrops is near the Boat Seat while pretty primroses and daffodils can also be seen dotted around the garden.

A clump of primroses
A clump of primroses