A daughter's view at Goddards

Young lady sat cross legged by a lake

Taking in the immaculate gardens and spacious rooms of Goddards it’s not hard to imagine a bygone era that had a quiet elegance and style. But beyond the adult sophistication of afternoon teas and drinks on the terrace, discover Goddards more playful side through the eyes of one of its youngest former residents, Betty Terry.

Visiting Goddards this season 

Young daughter of Noel and Kathleen Terry, of the Terry’s of York confectionary business, Betty Terry was one of the four children who grew up at Goddards. Delighting in its simple pleasures she shares some of her earliest and fondest memories in a series of anecdotes detailed throughout the house. As you explore the family spaces, find stories and quotes from Betty sharing memories of family games, wartime events and business news. Then head outside with a garden trail and stroll through the gorgeous garden rooms whilst Betty tells you about childhood antics and the purpose of each part of the gardens.

" To the young Terry children, Goddards was just home. We had no realisation of how privileged we were to live here. It is wonderful to see how our experiences and memories of growing up here can now be appreciated by so many others."
- Betty Lawrie (nee Terry)

Childhood memories

‘A daughter’s view’ is collection of memories providing a fascinating window to the past. From early days of play supported by an eclectic cast of animals and pets and sleeping out under the stars, through to more sobering times and the outbreak of war, this very personal anthology of memories from Goddards' only surviving resident gives a unique insight into the past life of the house and the people who used to call it home.

A family portrait after the war
A family of five seated and standing for a formal picture
A family portrait after the war

As a daughter of the Terry’s empire, a giant of industry and bastion of chocolatey delight, Betty’s glimpses into family life and factory stories are particularly insightful. Memories of the war effort here in York and the role her mother played within that effort are especially meaningful as the National Trust celebrates Women and Power marking the 100th anniversary of women starting to gain the right to vote.  

A daughter’s view will be on display at Goddards House and Garden until 4 November 2018.  

Nearby Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens is also joining in the Women and Power celebrations with ‘Making her mark: celebrating creative women’. A brand new exhibition in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, showcasing diverse portraits of influential women who have made an outstanding contribution to art and culture, from Judi Dench to Amy Winehouse and J.K. Rowling.