Family visits to Goddards House and Garden

Two children running around in Goddards Garden

Imagine growing up in a house like Goddards. Cricket in the corridors and hide and seek in the gardens. That was how the Terry children enjoyed it in the 1930s. Bring your family to explore the five acres of gardens and soak up the history of the house.

Ten things to do at Goddards to make you feel at home

  1. Get hands on and have a go on the old typewriter and find out what it was like to be a typist at the factory
  2. Learn some 1920s games and have a go at bagatelle (a bit like old fashioned pinball!)
  3. Explore the garden and hunt around the insect hotel to see what bugs and beasties you can find
  4. Stand still like a heron at the side of the pond and see what fish you can spot
  5. Follow a seasonal trail to help you discover more about the Terry’s house and garden
  6. Learn how to tie a bow tie like Peter Terry – take care not to get yourself in knots!
  7. Sit on the furniture in the drawing room and feel like you own the place – or indulge in a slice of chocolate cake on the terrace
  8. Play clock golf in the gardens (and find out what clock golf is!)
  9. Be inspired by Wimbledon and try your hand at tennis (wooden racquets and all!) on the grass court
  10. Enjoy the ‘click’ and ‘clack’ of croquet in the garden

See what family events and activities are coming up

Enjoy a game of croquet on the lawn at Goddards
Croquet on the lawn at Goddards
Enjoy a game of croquet on the lawn at Goddards