The Terry women

Women at work in the Terry factory in 1930

When you think of ‘Terry women’ you may think of actress Dawn French and her attempts to keep her chocolate oranges all to herself. Discover a taste the impact women had on York's chocolate heritage - both at home and at the factory.

The Terry women at home

So who were the Terry women? Guide yourself around the house of Mrs Kathleen Terry to find out. Wife to Noel and mother to four children - Peter, Kenneth, Betty and Richard. Kathleen was a very busy woman but like many others in her position she dedicated herself to relief work during the Second World War and beyond.

You can learn more about her fascinating life navigating both her household responsibilities and  commitments to the wider York community by visiting the very rooms she frequented.

The Terry women at the Chocolate Works

At its prime, the Terry Chocolate Works had over 2,500 members in its workforce, many of which were women. Noel's daughter, Betty Terry even worked in her fathers typing pool for a few months (in which time she met her future husband!) From the production line to the administration offices, women were heavily involved in the efficient and effective running of the Terry business.

Find out more about working on the production line at the Chocolate Works. Would you have had what it took?

The Terry women today

Quite possibly the most recognisable of the Terry women is actress Dawn French, who ensured that you knew exactly who Terry's chocolate oranges belonged to......and it certainly wasn't you!

The Terry factory may no longer be responsible for the treats it made famous or even for the glorious smells of chocolate wafting around the streets of York, yet the Terry family still firmly sit as part of York's chocolate heritage, but remember......

" It's not Terry's, it's mine"
- Dawn French

You can find the Terry women display around the house on open days at Goddards.

Wall mural from the old chocolate factory
Wall painting showing a chocolate orange and the words Welcome To Chocolate Orange from the old chocolate factory
Wall mural from the old chocolate factory