Help to record wildlife on the Golden Cap Estate

Find out how you can record the wildlife you've seen on your visit to help us keep track of the plants, insects and birds that live on the estate.

Our West Dorset team manages around 20 rural properties of nature conservation importance. As part of the management process, we need to keep track of the plants, insects and birds associated with each of these beautiful places in order to determine management priorities.

Keeping records

In 2013, we teamed up with the Biological Records Centre at Wallingford and the National Biodiversity Network to give our visitors the chance to record the plants and animals they see. We're particularly keen to update our records of birds on the estate. We'd like to know what was seen, where it was spotted, the date of the sighting and who saw the plant or animal.

Get involved  

In order to report wildlife you've seen, you'll need to register to use iRecord. Please use your actual name, not a pen name, as a local volunteer verifies the records. The iRecord software is very user friendly. To locate your wildlife sighting, it asks for a grid reference. You can adjust the square on the background map or provide the grid reference using a map or GS Meter.

If you have a list of things you've seen, please use the first option; if it's just a single sighting use the second option. It would be very helpful if you can provide a photograph. Explore the website and you'll find the same form for the Burton Bradstock coastal site - another area rich in wildlife - so you can start recording what you see there, too.

Get started by registering on the iRecord website.