Family fun at Greenway

Family walking through woodland, National Trust

As the seasons change, it's the perfect time to explore the garden at Greenway. From woodland paths full of adventure, to spotting winter wildlife on the river.


Family-friendly checklist

If you're planning a family day out, here's some handy info to help… 

  • Free entry for under 5s and free entry for National Trust members#
  • If coming by car, please book your parking in advance
  • Free garden trails available to pick up in Visitor Reception
  • Baby-changing facilities in access-friendly toilets.
  • Buggy friendly routes around the garden.
  • Hip-carrying infant seats available for loan in the house.
  • Children’s menu available from the Barn Café.
  • Picnics are very welcome  
  • Pocket money gifts and children's books available in the shop. There are children's books in our second-hand bookshop, too.

Please note that our opening times change in November. Click here to plan ahead.


Outdoor adventures

It's a new chapter in the garden at Greenway, with the trees changing colour and the days getting colder. Busy hands are preparing the allotment for next year, and garden residents are stocking up for the winter. 


Discover the Enchanted Woodland at Greenway

Travelling trees

From towering giants to spiky branches, the trees at Greenway have a story or two to tell. Discover more on our Travelling Trees trail around the garden.

Family walking at Greenway, Devon

Autumn explorers

Bright bursts of colour, crunchy leaves and wild art - there's tons of adventures to be had in nature this season. From October discover what the garden holds, and use your imagination to create your own story.


'50 things to do before you're 11¾' 

We've put together  a list of 50 activities for you to enjoy, from building a den to watching the stars glitter in the night sky. You'll be a seasoned adventurer by the time you've managed to try out all 50 activities. And it doesn't end there. You can enjoy doing our '50 things' again and again, in all seasons.

At Greenway, here are some of our favourites '50 things' activities to do at this time of year:

1. Get to know a tree
These friendly giants have stood the test of time, and seen lots of events unfold. Get up close and feel the bark, or see what animals might have made their home there. 

18. Create some wild art
You're sure to find a stick or two if you take a walk through the woodland garden. How creative can you be? From wands to crowns, to arrows - the list is endless. 

To find out more of the '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities you can do, check out this handy list here.  



Adventures at the Boathouse and Battery

From the Boathouse quay you could count the boats on the river, which is always bustling with activity; trawlers, river cruises, a paddle steamer and kayakers can regularly be seen.  At the Battery the cannon always captures little-one's imaginations - can you're kids defend Greenway from attack by river pirates?

Wildlife spotting

Seal poking their head out of the river

Down by the river

The Boathouse and Battery is Greenway's number one spot for wildlife watching. The River Dart is home to and visited by lots of birds; buzzards, cormorants, egrets, and guillemots are often seen. Herons nest on the edge of Greenway garden in spring, and in June you may see the young leaving the nest. Two creatures which always create the most excitement when spotted from the Boathouse are seals and kingfishers.

Damselfly resting by a pond

The Bird Pond

The Bird Pond is a great spot for wildlife watching. It's named after the Bridget McCrum statue of a bird which presides over the pond, rather than the birds which visit it. In spring/early summer, damselflies start to emerge; why not take a seat on the bench by the pond to watch them? Earlier in the year common toads laid their spawn here so by June the toadlets will be getting ready to leave the pond.