Fun for families at Greenway

A young woman and child on the Mother and Child statue in Greenway garden

Spring arrives nice and early at Greenway. There are lots of activities that are perfect to keep your little-ones entertained and help them to find out more about Greenway this season.


Greenway was Agatha Christie's holiday home, where she and her friends and family could relax and play games such as croquet and tennis. Why not follow in that great lady's footseps and have a game of croquet or soft-ball tennis when you visit?


50 things fun

At Greenway there are lots of 50 things to do before you're 11¾ that you can tick off your list. Spring is a good time to do these things:

  • 34. Find some frogspawn (try looking in the Bird Pond).
  • 44. Go bird watching (Greenway's robins are very friendly).
  • 6. Run around in the rain (April showers are perfect for this - don't forget your wellies).


Spotter trails

There are free trails for kids to do in the house and garden. In the house you can choose between the archaeology trail, perfect for older kids, and the animal themed spotter trail which is great for little ones. Agatha Christie's hunsband Max was an archaeologist and they went together on digs. For the archaeology trail Agatha is packing to go on a dig, and kids are challenged to spot the items from her packing list. 

The garden trail is a lovely way to encourage children to explore Greenway garden, searching for different things from nature such as flowers with more than five petals, and includes activities such as bark rubbing. 

The house trails are available to collect at the entrance to the house, and the garden trail is in visitor reception. 


Exploring the garden

Play at Greenway
Children playing with a bat and ball at Greenway, Devon
Play at Greenway

The woodland garden is perfect for spring explorations. Walking through tall grasses and bamboo, amidst coloursful camellias, rhododendrons, spring bulbs and bluebells, and splashing in muddly puddles all keep kids entertained. From the Boathouse you could count the boats on the river, which is always bustling with activity; trawlers, river cruises, a paddle steamer and kayakers can regularly be seen. It's also a great place to watch wildlife, such as the occasional seal in the river. The Battery is complete with cannon, which always captures little-one's imaginations. 


Why not join the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt?

Friday 30 March - Sunday 15 April, 10.30am-4pm, £3 child (normal admission prices apply)

Someone has been helping Bunny to hide the Easter eggs. Clues will be hidden around Greenway's woodland garden, and it will be up to your little ones, armed with a map, to track them all down and find out which resident wild creature is the culprit. Once they've worked out who helped Bunny to hide the eggs, a chocolate reward will be up for grabs. 

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