Writing with Greenway's Writer-in-Residence

Are you ready to be inspired by Greenway? Writer-in-Residence J. R. Carpenter is on hand to help, by leading events and activities at Agatha Christie's holiday home designed to bring writing to life.

Writer in Residence J. R. Carpenter sat at a desk at Greenway, Devon

Meet J. R. Carpenter

Throughout her residency, J.R. Carpenter will be helping visitors to Greenway to explore writing, whether they’re new to it or already have a body of work. She’ll also be drawing inspiration from the surroundings as she creates a piece of work inspired by Greenway. As well as an artist, writer, and performer, J. R. is a researcher, and maker of maps, zines, books, poetry and much more.

Pocket watches on display

Writing workshop

On Thursday 15 November, J. R. will be exploring writing and time at a creative writing workshop in the House Kitchen. A series of writing exercises and discussions will provide participants with strategies for getting started, getting going, and getting inspired with writing - whatever their abilities or experience.

The House Kitchen in Greenway, Agatha Christie's holiday home

Writer-in-Residence exhibition

To wrap up J. R. Carpenter's residency, on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November the House Kitchen will be home to an exhibition of both her work and that created by the participants on her events and activities.

Part of the book jacket design for 'The Mystery of Three Quarters' by Sophie Hannah

Book club

On Wednesday 19 December, the day before our exclusive night at the movies with Sophie Hannah, is the final book club of the year and the book of discussion is Sophie Hannah's latest Poirot novel, ‘The Mystery of Three Quarters’. Expect mince pies and Christmas cheer!