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Our property offers a quaint gift shop within visitor reception where you can find our new and updated guidebooks, a selection of postcards of Greyfriars, and our brand new book which looks at the history of George’s Yard, which ties in with our exhibition.

We also sell treats such as fudge and biscuits for our sweet toothed visitors, and a selection of award winning jams and preserves. For the green fingered visitors we also have a variety of plants, grown at nearby Hanbury Hall, to take home and nurture in your own garden.

Greyfriars also offers a second hand book shop which has been lovingly set up and looked after by our volunteers. Prices range from as little as 10 pence, and you can find anything from local history to award winning titles. The book shop always has a display and interesting things to look at, so why not pop down, peruse our books and pick up a bargain? All book shop purchases go towards the conservation of Greyfriars so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.