Tea-room volunteer at Greyfriars

A slice of cake and a pot of tea

Our tea-room serves up freshly baked cakes and treats and is a great place to relax after a visit. We have lots of help from lovely volunteers and Val describes her experiences below.

What do you get up to?

I've been volunteering at Greyfriars' House and Garden for over two years and have loved every minute.
So far I've managed to help in many different ways, from assisting at weddings, to running the tea-room in the garden.

An extra pair of hands

Our tea-room has a large variety of lovely cakes and drinks on offer for visitors. I'm there to serve, make and wash up as needed.
In the summer, the garden is beautiful and it really makes a difference serving teas in the sunshine and warmth.
It's a little more interesting in the autumn. If the rain starts to fall, I have to run around covering up our tables and chairs.

A friendly face

I've found the tea-room a great place to chat to people about Greyfriars, both about their visit and about the building and garden.