Welcome to Greyfriars House and Garden

The garden and rear of the house at Greyfriars

This timber framed medival manor house was home to well-connected Royalists and entrepreneurial refugees. It has been the site of a pub and grocery shops, and even ten ‘blind-back’ houses known as George’s Yard. But, despite its long and varied history, Greyfriars was almost demolished in the mid twentieth century.

A visit to Greyfriars House and Garden, will provide you with a great opportunity to learn about the wonderful and varied history of the house and the people who have inhabited it.

From Thomas Grene, the wealthy High Bailiff who was responsible for its creation in the 1480's, to Daniel George who operated the property as a pub in the 1800's through to siblings Matley and Elsie Moore, who are responsible for saving the building that they ultimately made their home in the 1940’s.

The property was donated to the National Trust in 1966, and we have looked after this oasis of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of Worcester city centre for 50 years.  We will mark this anniversary with a number of special events and activities throughout the year. 

Please keep an eye on our what’s on section for further details of these events, they will be announced shortly.