Head gardener's April highlights at Greys Court

There’s always something to look out for in the gardens. Discover what delights you can find during April. If you need help finding anything mentioned below don’t hesitate to ask one of our very helpful garden team members.

Spring is here

Colourful spring bulbs are flowering in abundance at this time of year. With the weather starting to get a bit warmer, the patchwork border near the maze is really coming to life; it looks best in the morning when the sun is on it.

Look out for the cherry blossom starting to appear in the walled gardens. Wild cherries can also be spotted in the woodland, along Sir Felix’s Gentle walk.

Bluebell watch

The first bluebells are starting to pop their heads up already. By the end of April we are expecting the Spinney Woods to be full of them.

Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire

In the woods down near the Cowshed tearoom, bluebells come out in force as well. These take a bit longer to appear, and will probably be out fully in May.

The bluebells that grow in our woods are the English bluebell, and are rare in the rest of Europe.

Please help us to keep these bluebells looking their best by taking care when walking through the woods, and keeping to the paths. They can get damaged easily, and we want all visitors to be able to enjoy the beauty of them.

Flowers under the Moon Bridge

Explore the estate further and discover a pattern of flowers springing into life in the ha-ha beneath Moon Bridge. These irises were planted to look like a stream of water underneath the bridge and are a lovely sight.

Greys Court estate, Oxfordshire
Purple flowers with moon bridge in the background
Greys Court estate, Oxfordshire

Please take care when walking in this area, and keep to the pathways. We have planted many bulbs and want visitors to be able to enjoy them.