Head Gardener's August highlights at Greys Court

There’s always something to look out for in the gardens. Discover what delights you can find during August. If you need help finding anything mentioned below don’t hesitate to ask one of our very helpful garden team members, they’ll be out and about in the gardens!

Kitchen garden

Enjoy seeing many crops being harvested in the kitchen garden throughout August. Some soft fruit is sent to the kitchen in the house, where volunteers continue the tradition of jam making started by Lady Brunner.

Any surplus produce is displayed near the kitchen garden and visitors are welcome to take some in return for a donation.

Flowers are mixed in with the crop planting to attract beneficial insects.


Take in the hydrangeas coming to life in the Rose garden this month. Two here have received the Award of Garden Merit from the RHS. The Rosalba and the Preziosa are both compact bushes and their flowers open white then gradually go from pink to reddish purple.

The Tower garden also has three main forms of hydrangea flowers. The plant behind the bench in the Tower garden is a long, cone-shaped flower cluster on an oakleaf hydrangea.

Don’t miss the large purple-blue lacecap by the gate between the Tower garden and the Rose garden.

Garden jobs

Throughout August there are a number of jobs you may see the gardeners, and their volunteers, carrying out. Garlic, onions and shallots have to be harvested and then dried out in the sun – when we get it! They may also start picking early-maturing apples.

For looking after the flowers in this month gardeners will be watering and feeding plants growing in containers, and also deadheading flowering plants regularly.